A Time to Kill

“A Time To Kill,” adapted for the stage by Rupert Holmes, is based on the John Grisham novel about a small Southern town torn in two by an unspeakable crime. This courtroom drama is pure theatrical dynamite!


Scrooge! (abbreviated version)

Our traditional holiday show full of entertainment for family and children of all ages!

Dearly Departed


Meet the Bible Belt kin of Bud Turpin.  They’ve got a funeral to plan and between the feuds, marital flings, and Macaroni and Ham Loaf Surprise, it may escalate into a multiple-coffin memorial service.  By the time the Turpins sort through the hangovers, money problems, and headstone engraving options, they’ve learned that coping with life’s losses can turn out to be drop-dead funny.


“A Time To Kill” — The Backstory
TPNC Board Member and frequent director Julie Bell Petrak saw the final Broadway performance of “A Time To Kill” in November, 2013. Julie was so impressed that she immediately sought the rights to perform it at the Powerhouse.  After two months of persistent effort, she landed “ATTK” as the opener for our 2014-15 season. Kudos to Julie, who will direct the show. It opens on October 24th.

Powerhouse Renewal Under Way
Thanks to our generous supporters, we have now installed the major components of our new sound system!   A few months ago, we also upgraded our entire lighting system.   We still need funding to replace our intercom system and update our facilities, but we’ve made great progress.   Your support will be appreciated. Click here. to donate.

How’d They Do That?
“The Governor’s Son,” by local playwright Jim Gordon, was a success at many levels, one of which came as a pleasant surprise. Audience members were so impressed by the seemingly instant and effortless scene changes that they requested backstage tours after every performance. Congratulations to Bob Doran for his innovative design, and to the volunteers who built and operated the set.

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